Global Coporate Immigration Law
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step three

Step three: the issuance of a work visa in the foreign expert’s passport at the relevant consulate abroad

Along with the Ministry of Interior’s work request approval, a wire is sent to the relevant consulate abroad, which instructs the consulate to issue the foreign worker foreign expert a work permit type B/1 in his passport.

The foreign expert foreign worker who is required to work in Israel, can collect the visa from the Consulate during the three months from the date of approval of the application by the Ministry of Interior. Failure to comply with this condition (not collected the visa) automatically cancels the work permit and one must submit a new application to the Ministry of Interior in Israel.

A visa is issued to the foreign worker's foreign expert’s passport is usually valid for 30 days, in which the foreign expert foreign worker has to enter into Israel. Non-compliance with this condition (not entered Israel on time) automatically cancels the work permit and therefore one must submit a new request to the Ministry of Interior in Israel.

A work visa issued to foreign worker's foreign expert’s passport, will be automatically extended for a period of one year when entering into Israel by the Ministry of Interior at Ben-Gurion International Airport or by our office.

Foreign experts from certain countries are required to undergo medical examinations and submit police certificates in regard to their past. Generally subject countries are in Asia, South America and the former Soviet Union.

The procedure for issuing a work permit for foreign experts at the Israeli consulate abroad may be different from country to country and each Consulate reserves the right to request additional documents, additional information, etc.

Only in exceptional cases a status can be changed during the stay of a foreign worker foreign expert in Israel.

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