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Step Two: Submitting an application for a work permit at the Ministry of the Interior

After receiving an employment permit for a foreign expert at the Permits’ Unit, it is necessary to submit an application for a work permit type B-1 at the relevant Ministry of Interior office based on the address of the sponsoring company.

With the approval of the request, the Ministry of Interior sends (wires) the Israeli consulate in the relevant country an instruction for the consulate to issue a visa in the foreign expert foreign worker’s passport.

During the submission of the application, the company must meet certain conditions:
  • The company must provide the foreign worker foreign expert with medical insurance.
  • The company undertakes that the foreign worker foreign expert will only be employed by the applicant company.
  • The Company must pay an employer fee (fee changes each year).
  • At the time of application submission, the foreign worker foreign expert to be outside the borders of Israel.

The estimated time to complete submission of the application for the Ministry of Interior, and the end of consular procedure takes between 2 - 4 weeks.

Step two

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