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Step one: applying for a work permit at the Permits’ Unit of the Ministry of Interior

Israeli and foreign companies alike may submit a request for a work permit in Israel for foreign experts. The company seeking a work permit application is considered the sponsor and must meet several conditions:

The submitted application must be detailed in relations to the project and / or the need for which the company seeks the services of a foreign expert. In connection with the position a foreign expert is intended to fill, detailed education and previous work experience should be provided.

The company must guarantee that the foreign expert foreign worker will only work for the sponsoring company, and that the company will not transfer the foreign expert to another company.

The company has to show an economical stability and also the ability to pay a foreign worker foreign expert at least double the average wage, as required by law. Today the average wage is NIS 17,000 (in the case of short-term application, this condition does not apply).

Estimated time until a foreign expert foreign worker receives a work permit ranges from 6-8 weeks.

Employment permit received from the Permits’ Unit is usually valid for up to 12 months. The Company may extend the permit every year and up to five years and three months.

In exceptional cases and when the foreign expert is holding a senior position such as CEO, or when the foreign expert poses critical knowledge which does not exist in Israel, the company may ask for work permit extension beyond the period of five years and three months.

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