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Refused entry expulsion

Refused entry expulsion

Entry into Israel Law - 1952, is the unique authority and only in relation to the entry of a person in Israel. Citizen of Israel allowed to enter Israel without a visa. Those who are not Israeli citizens, Israel will be sitting under a residence permit under this law only.

Interior Minister and his subordinates, including the Interior Ministry, the Immigration Authority, etc. extensive authority regarding implementation of the Nationality Law and procedures.

Accordance with the Entry into Israel Law, given by the border control, interior minister and his subordinates the right to refuse entry to Israel who does not hold a visa to enter Israel and who decided that he was not eligible for a visa at the time of entry into Israel.

If you are for any reason that the person who wishes to enter Israel is not entitled to enter, border control officer may detain him until the final clarification of the case or until the departure from Israel.

If it was decided that a person is not allowed to enter Israel, standing by the border control officer two options, first hold the refused Pending the number of hours in a special room presumed border control at the airport, and the second person refused entry is transferred to a detention facility "at the airport custody facility" which purpose to hold refuseniks entry and removed to deport.

Sign refusing treatment immediately, will allow management "negotiations" with border control and the Interior Ministry. Certain cases may be to cancel the deportation stamp, possible to prevent the imprisonment is refused entry, and confirm the entry into Israel of course each case.

In the case of delayed and / or refused entry into Israel, you should immediately consult with an attorney who specializes in immigration to Israel in order to get the best results possible.

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