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Israel Work visa - Foreign Experts

Israel Work visa - Foreign Experts

HI Immigration Law Firm specializes in immigration to Israel, Relocation of foreign experts and arrangements of work permits for foreigners in Israel.

During the last decade, the world has become a global village and as a result the mobilization of skilled work force between countries is being carried out on a daily basis. The relocation of experts to Israel in the fastest and the most professional manner, and real time problem solving are the base to our expertise.
Israeli foreign expert status was determined by the "Buchris Committee" – a professional committee which was founded in March 2001 by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Minister Shlomo Benizri, and its Chair was Yaakov Buchris. The committee was established in order to examine the issue of employment of foreign workers in Israel, and determined that Israel's interest is to relate the category of foreign experts differently than other foreign workers.
In July 2001 the Committee published its recommendations, including the characteristics recognizing a foreign expert:

A foreign expert will earn a wage equals to at least double the average wage on the market,
with qualities and special skills, and is brought to Israel in order to pass the knowledge and experience on to Israeli employee who will replace the foreign expert in the future, create new jobs in the Israeli job market at a ratio of at least 1:10. A foreign expert will enjoy high levels of education and professionalism, and will hold development and management positions.

Recommendations have been implemented in practice and procedures of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Unit and by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, and are now the basis for recognition of a foreign expert expertise.

A foreign expert is defined as a foreign worker employed under a more preferred status from that of most foreign workers, thanks to the worker's own special characteristics. Most of the characteristics that define a foreign expert are globally similar, and generally refer to a number of parameters such as education, specialized knowledge, skills, accomplishments and proven experience which reflect the foreign worker as an expert in his or her field.
Most foreign experts are skilled executives with rare and exceptional knowledge, which does not exist in the destination country where they are expected to work, and without it, it will not be possible to perform the work required.
Both Israeli companies and foreign companies can employ foreign experts in Israel. The company provides sponsorship to the foreign expert is responsible for all application submissions to the relevant bodies.  
In our office, the department of experts relocation provides services to companies in many diverse areas including in the high-tech, bio-technology, engineering, industrial, aviation, banking, telecommunications, oil and gas drilling, diamond scheme, chefs and experts, athletes, journalists and clerics.
Any company that seeks to mobilize and employ a foreign expert in Israel, is required to provide a work permit and a compatible work visa. In most cases Israeli Law allows work permits type B-1, which can be both for experts and non-experts foreign workers.

In the process there are two government fees to be paid by the company:
Permit Unit fee of: 1,210 NIS (for the work permit)
Ministry of Interior fee of: 9,780 NIS (for the work visa)
The process of issuing a work permit and a work visa in Israel is divided into a number of steps:
  1. Applying for a work permit via the Permits Unit of The Population, Immigration and Border Authority. This procedure includes submission of appropriate forms and detailed application in relation to the company seeks to employ a foreign expert. Read more ...
  2. Applying for a work visa and an entry visa into Israel for a foreign expert at the relevant Ministry of Interior and sending the certificate of approval to the Israeli consulate abroad. Read more ...
  3. The issuance of a work visa at the Israeli consulate in the foreign expert's country. In some cases and exceptions, a visa may be issued at the Israeli airport's Ministry of Interior without a consular procedure. Read more ...
  4. Extension of work visa in Israel for a period of one year since the expert and family first entered Israel, and a request for multiple entry visa for the foreign expert and family at the relevant Ministry of Interior. Read more ...
Using the services of a law firm specializing in Immigration Law and Relocation will allow the company to mobilize the foreign expert to Israel in the quickest and most professional manner possible
. Turning to the right responsible bodies at the right time, will make the difference between a successful project and the endless bureaucratic foot-dragging.
Additional services provided by the firm:
  • Short-term work permits of foreign workers and foreign experts
  • Expert Chefs work permit at ethnic restaurants
  • Israeli citizenship for a living-partner of an Israeli citizen.
  • New Immigrant visa
  • Examining Aliyah visa issuance
  • Tourist visa
  • Student visa
  • Visa for Medical tourism in Israel
  • The release of foreign workers from detention
  • Assistance to those refused entry
  • Visas for Foreign Workers
  • Paternity tests

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