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Examining for Aliyah

Examining for Aliyah

HI Immigration Law Firm specializes in immigration to Israel and the regulation of status change from (1) Examining for Aliyah to (2) a New Immigrant (O'le). That is according to the Law of Return.
Visa for individuals examining/checking for Aliyah type A/1 is given to applicants who are eligible to return and consider settling in Israel. Usually those individuals are eligible for return and are considering making Aliyah, but prefer to examine the living conditions first before making the decision whether or not make the Aliyah official and migrate to Israel.
The status of "Aliyah Checker" or "Aliyah Examiner" is usually given for a period of one year. However, there is the option to extend the visa period for three more years, in order to explore the possibility and conditions of settling in Israel as a new immigrant. Application will be subject to compliance with certain conditions as part of the Ministry of Interior regulations.

The conditions under which the applicant must meet are the same as for the request of a new immigrant (O'le).
In any case it is highly recommended to plan the immigration process thoroughly and use professionals in order to simplify and shorten the procedure.
Additional services provided by the firm:
  • Short-term work permits for foreign workers and foreign experts
  • Expert Chefs work permit at ethnic restaurants
  • Tourist visa
  • Student visa
  • Visa for Medical tourism in Israel
  • The release of foreign workers from detention
  • Assistance to those refused entry
  • Visas for Foreign Workers
  • Paternity tests

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