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About Us

About Us

HI & Co. is a boutique law firm specializing in immigration to Israel and Relocation for companies in the business sector as well as for private individuals. Our firm specializes in working with various authorities including the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for residential visas (Asherah) and work in Israel.
Our team has years of experience in Foreign Law and Relocation to Israel of companies in the industries of high-tech, bio-technology, engineering, industrial, aviation, banking, telecommunications, oil and gas drilling, diamonds, as well as work permits for professional chefs, athletes, journalists and clergymen.
Our firm specializes in settling status for foreign citizens, spouses of Israeli citizens, including same sex couples, whether married to an Israeli citizen or not.
We support individuals and families during the Aliyah process to Israel for individuals who are under the Law of Return are entitled to return to Israel. We arrange status checks, including requests for accompaniers and descendants, and work together with the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of the Interior.
We specialize in processing visitor permits and business visitor visa in Israel to citizens of countries that do not have diplomatic ties with Israel. We provide legal opinions for companies and individuals in relation to Israel's immigration laws.
We accompany every client through an individually tailored process and aspire to maintain customer interest, our commitment, professionalism and reliability without compromise which outline the firm's policy.

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