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A New Immigrant

Our firm specializes in providing legal services and visa issuance to new immigrants (O'le) through their Aliyah process in a professional manner and as quickly as possible. Many years of experience along with in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior will make the Aliyah process simple and easy.
The Law of Return, 1950, established the basic right of every Jewish individual to immigrate to Israel. The Law is an expression of the relationship between the Jewish nation to Israel. Every Jewish person returning back to Israel is a person whose ancestors were absent from and return to their country. For the matter of the Law, a Jewish person is an individual born to a Jewish mother or converted to Judaism and does not belong to another religion. Additionally, a person who is not Jewish, but is an offspring of a Jewish person, the child of a Jewish person, a grandchild of a Jewish person and/or a spouse of a Jewish person is also eligible for Aliyah.

A New Immigrant

An Immigrant visa can be issued after arrival into Israel at the office of the relevant Ministry of Interior, or at the Israeli Consulate abroad by a diplomatic/consular representative. While in Israel the accompanying of the process by a lawyer specializing in the field of Immigration Law will facilitate and simplify the procedure, abroad, the diplomatic/consular representative may request additional information from both the visa applicant and the Aliyah representative and in cases of doubt, may deny the request.
Aliyah to Israel requires a thorough preparation. Making the transition into practice is a complex process where one is transferring the center of his/her life from one country to another. Integration into the labor market, applying children to schools and kindergarten, and finding a home to live in are all precious time consuming processes.
Poor planning and an inexperience in preparing an Aliyah request and accompanying documents, will significantly extend the time frame for the requested visa.
We recommend individuals who are interested in making Aliyah to have an Immigration Law attorney accompany them through the process, 
including to meetings at the Ministry of Interior and submission of relevant documents to the Jewish Agency.
Making Aliyah after arriving into Israel and selecting the Ministry of Interior which will handle the immigration process, depend solely on the expected place of residence of the foreign citizen. For example, living in Tel Aviv will only give authority to handle the request to the Ministry of Interior in Tel Aviv, and living in Jerusalem will only give authority to handle the request to the Ministry of Interior in Jerusalem, etc.
Handling the request includes several key steps:
  • Setting an appointment for the filing of the application at the Ministry of Interior.
  • Submitting the documents which indicate eligibility for Aliyah at the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem.
  • Setting a second appointment at the Ministry of Interior after eligibility is approved by the Jewish Agency.
  • Submitting additional documents to the Ministry of Interior and awaiting an answer.
A denial from the Ministry of Interior does not necessarily close the door to the applicant. Consultation with experts and filing appeals against the Ministry's decisions are an integral part of our work and in many cases allow obtaining a new immigrant (O'le) status in Israel.
Additional services provided by the firm:
  • Short-term work permits of foreign workers and foreign experts
  • Expert Chefs work permit at ethnic restaurants
  • Examining Aliyah visa issuance
  • Tourist visa
  • Student visa
  • Visa for Medical tourism in Israel
  • The release of foreign workers from detention
  • Assistance to those refused entry
  • Visas for Foreign Workers
  • Paternity tests

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